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Life at IITM Group of Institutions

Life at IITM Group of Institutions


A transition to college life is a big milestone for students. With a significant amount of freedom, students are still expected to adhere to specific rules & protocols. From the learning environment to the cultural premise, the changes in college life are apparent.

The approach towards education at a higher education level is more evolved & holistic. Students come with high hopes & rely, for a considerable part, on their college to accomplish their goals. To give students an all-embracing campus life, our institutions look at education as a preparation for life, rather than focusing only on academics.

Students, especially in their first year, have a lot on their shoulders & it is the responsibility of the institution to provide them a safe & comfortable learning environment. A place of learning that puts forth mutual respect for the teaching & student community and facilitates positive interactions & relationships, implicitly plays on the students’ minds.

IITM Group have fully-equipped smart classrooms & lecture theatres, the campus has a state-of-the-art computer and other laboratories, language labs, a modern networked library, round-the-clock high-speed Internet access, video conferencing facilities, sports complex, on-campus housing for boys and girls, a fleet of buses to cover transportation from major parts of Delhi-NCR & Sonepat, cafeteria, snack bars and other recreational facilities on the campus to enrich the overall educational experience of a student.

Fun inside the campuses is the primary requirement of students. By making learning an enjoyable process, both college and students are at an advantage.

Besides recreational facilities, our entertainment groups bring a variety of shows to the campus each year including reputed musicians and singers performing live on our campus.



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