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The principal objective of every educational institution is ‘to convert the mind into a living fountain and not a reservoir. That which is filled by pumping in, will be emptied by pumping out’

The philosophy of IITM Group of Institutions, Murthal is to hone various skills of the young aspirants keeping in mind their varied interests and aptitude. The Institute leaves no stone unturned to prepare the engineering, medical, management and science students to cope up with the twenty first century market requirements. It goes without saying that the Institutes focus on instilling the core values in the students essential for leading a happy and contended life. Education is instrumental in shaping the destiny of the learners. The labs help learners in gaining hands on experience. The Institute’s inimitable infrastructure is a source of fascination to all people in the vicinity.

Discipline, values and integrity are the chief attributes of this Institute so as to make the world a Utopia. Our pedagogic principles encourage students to become inquisitive and creative. Our divinely inspired galaxy of Professors makes strenuous efforts to produce learned and sensitive citizens.

It is a matter of pride for us that we have students not only from Delhi and NCR region, but also from other parts of country as well as from our nearby countries like Nepal and Bhutan.

We never make any compromise so far as the quality is considered. Job fairs, national and international conferences, seminars, workshops, direct interaction with industry people attract the learners. IITMGOI, provide ample opportunities to students to tap their immense potential at ease.

I wish all the learners to achieve phenomenal success in this world of competition.

Dr Parvinder Bangar
Campus Director


Formal education plays a pivotal role in the physical, intellectual, spiritual, moral, emotional and social growth of an individual. Nothing is impossible in this world. Keeping this motto in mind the students and teachers of IITM COLLEGE OF SCIENCE, ART AND COMMERCE put up their best possible efforts and leave no stone unturned to transform impossible into possible. All the teachers of IITM deserve our admiration and appreciation for their best efforts. Our Institution is like a rising Sun. Our mission is to provide ideal value based education to our young scholars in the true spirit of our ancient cultural heritage combined with a modern outlook. Our aim is to impart quality education and to make able to face the challenges of globalization.

As I have said above the aim of this institution, I want to clear the institute’s objectives.

First the raising of the quality and to maintain the standard of education.

Second discipline and harmony with the society because the ultimate goal of education is making a well and good society in which everyone maybe feel equality and peace.

Thirdly this institution wants to promote abilities for self-learning, enabling individuals to update their knowledge and skills continuously to keep them fit for the changing circumstances.

I am certain that having received education from our institution the students will prove to be useful for the country and whole mankind.

I wish you success and happiness in life.

Dr. Archana Arya


Welcome to all new comers and thanks for choosing the IITM College of Pharmacy for your Professional Qualification. As you progress with your studies, you will learn that Pharmacy is a Health-profession that links the Health Sciences with the Chemical Sciences and the Pharmacist is entrusted with ensuring the Safe and Effective use of modern medicines. In course of your studies, you will learn the basic Human Anatomy and Physiology, Natural and Synthetic sources of Pharmaceutical materials, Methodology for preparing various Dosage Forms, Identifications of Drug Molecules and their Pharmacological profiling along with Analysis of raw materials and finished goods, so that the sub-standard drug is not able to find its way up to the patients. You will also be apprised with latest status of Regulations, governing the Profession of Pharmacy. Research and updating of every applied science, is must, so that it never loses its relevance. This explains the importance attached to the discovery of improved manufacturing processes and novel drug molecules from Natural and Synthetic sources. The safety considerations demand that each New Chemical moiety: before getting the status of a medicine, passes through stringent phases of Clinical trials. We at IITM are aware of the latest demands of this profession and have plans to train the youngsters into budding Pharmacists, ready to face the Professional world with confidence and dignity, so that they not only enjoy a successful professional life but also command due respect, by proving their worth, in Society.

Hope, the students channelize their energy to achieve same through hard work and inculcate discipline, in life

Prof. A.K. GUPTA
Pharmacy Principal


I extend sincere and warm welcome to all Students, their Parents, Guardians and all Well-wishers of IITM Group of Institutions. We are striving to consolidate and achieve our long term objective to produce value based professionals imbibing in them greatest values of human life, take part in nation building by their service. The core program of study is not only proposed for attaining knowledge, but to support student’s spiritual, moral and creative development to make them fit for the opportunities, responsibilities and understanding of life. We empower today’s generation to act rightly and effectively.

This has been possible through the consistency and commitment towards providing quality education at an affordable fees and a flexible learning approach. I am sure that the new entrants will be in safer hands, because we are committed towards creating a vibrant community of value creators for our country.

Administrative Officer