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Academics Overview




At the IITM Group of Institutions, we believe that every student should explore their passion. We at IITM, inspire our students to explore new ideas and immerse themselves in a journey of continuous learning and findings.

Academics at IITM Group of Institutions are more than just lectures, books and classrooms, and interdisciplinary are more than just a word. At IITM GOI, interdisciplinary means encouraging students to study abroad, actively fostering research and collaboration between faculty and students and structuring our general education program to allow students to explore all of their passions.

Students at IITM GOI learn directly from distinguished world-class faculty. Our small classes and close faculty relationships lead to a robust exchange of ideas and innovations that shape global leaders in the arts, sciences, humanities and beyond.

The academic experience is designed to put our students on the path to a fulfilling life and career as culturally aware citizens before they leave. Whatever educational path students choose, IITM GOI will ask them to reach for a vision that is larger than they ever thought possible.

IITM Group has designed its academic sessions in such a way that you will find your potential and will get an opportunity to explore your opportunities. The hands-on learning system and round the year on-going training sessions that our students are continuously exposed to are designed to groom and nourish future leaders, innovators and professionals who are not only academically qualified but also have a heart for their profession.

Academics at IITM Group firmly believe in high impact practices on teaching and research. Teaching performance index and research performance index have led the institute to become one of the leading higher education institutions in India.


Innovative Curricular Transaction

We employ innovative and interactive academic strategies that lead to innovative outcomes within and out of class, thus making students inquisitive. We make our students think out of the boundary, indulge concepts, and generate innovative and creative insights.


Industry Oriented Training Sessions

The Department has been conducting various Industry-Institute interaction events for the benefit of the students. IITM Group of Institutions has done MoU with Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. which allows students to undergo hands-on training. With three courses each semester it allows you to sharpen your skills with the current technology available. Students upon successful completion receive certification from IITM Group of Institutions and Godrej & Boyce.

Master in-demand skills that not only enhance your degree but allow you to have a valued certification reflect on your resume. Certification provided by IITM Group and partners allows you to earn certification, from basic skills to advanced technologies along with a regular degree.


Workshops, Seminars, Guest Lectures and Technical Sessions

Technology is developing at a very fast pace and each day, we come to know about new soft wares. This is the era where the students need to act proactively and be prepared for the upcoming challenges. This is not possible without personal & professional training which should be a part of their curriculum.

To make the students aware of the new technologies and other environmental and technical developments, extension lectures are organized from time to time by inviting enlightened professionals from industries and other institutes of international repute.


Webinars and Online Training Sessions

The advancement of communication technology has improved access to information for many people around the world. Where a reliable internet connection exists, people with communication devices can tap into the treasure trove of information available online. Improved access to information is especially apparent in the education sector.

It Offers Great Flexibility and Convenience, Encouraging Interaction through Anonymity. Webinars Are an Effective Learning Experience, Providing a Wide Variety of Lessons & Are Easy to Use. Webinars Offer Educators, a Wider Reach, allow Participants to Grow Their Networks.

In summation, the benefits of webinars in education are many, and educational institutions that adopt them will find they’re able to do plenty of good. With the right webinar software, both the teaching party and the learning party will gain immensely from using webinars.


Industrial Visits and Industry Interaction Sessions

IITM Group of Institutions adopted industrial, Corporate & Hospital visits as a value-added learning method for Management, Engineering, Nursing and students. Learning from textbooks, lectures and other study material does not suffice for holistic learning. Practical, hands-on learning is essential for a better understanding of work processes and business functions.

These visits give greater clarity about important relevant concepts, as students practically experience how these concepts are put into action. Industrial visits help them gain hands-on experience of how industry operations are executed. Industry visits provide an opportunity for active/interactive learning experiences in-class as well outside the classroom environment. With industry visits, students are able to better identify their prospective areas of work in the overall organizational function.

It also helps enhance interpersonal skills and communication techniques. Students become more aware of industry practices and regulations during industry visits broadening the outlook of students with exposure to different workforces from different industries.


Student Feedback Mechanism

A strong feedback mechanism is in place to make the IITM Group of Institutions approach to obtaining transparent reviews from students about their experience of learning, teaching, training and curriculum. Students can share their views and suggestions through the online website feedback, social media and suggestion boxes strategically positioned in all the departments.